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Why AriB?


AriB - "Architects in Brussels" was created on the basis of one observation: the specificity of the profession of architect in an urban context, framed by the specific regulations for urban planning in the Brussels-Capital Region.


In order to compensate for the lack of attention to this specific situation, the AriB has the following objectives :

-  Support architects active in the Brussels Region, both in the public and private context and to raise awareness of the conditions of their intervention

-  Inform all of the architects' interlocutors about their skills in leading a project in the Brussels Region

-  Provide AriB members with detailed information on the regional specificity

- Promote the quality of Architecture in the Brussels Region, produced through constructive conversation; especially between architects from the public service and the private sector

- Inform architects and their representatives of regional policies in terms of urban planning


To achieve these objectives: 3 radii of actions.

- Inform: highlight the privileged links between the public sector, architects and the private sector

- Train: complete the knowledge for maximum efficiency between these 3 sectors

- Promote: rely on architects’achievements in the Brussels Region to demonstrate the excellence that the intervention of architects can achieve in a favorable context, in the service of the public interest.

You can find a more detailed description of these objectives and resources in the "AriB Charter" which you will find on this site.